Evaluation International Almost 100 instrument user companies across Europe realise
the benefits of being members of Evaluation International (EI)


Membership of Evaluation International offers:

  • Savings on in-house evaluations in both time and money
  • Comprehensive evaluations to recognised standards
  • Capital and revenue savings on buying and operating the most cost effective instruments
  • More effective process control resulting in reduced raw material costs
  • Reduction in risk of process failure or breaches of discharge consents
  • Reduction in risk of prosecution through discharge or emission failure
  • Purchasing based on proven technology and suitability for purpose
  • Evidence of compliance with standards and specifications

Evaluation International The International Instrument Users' Association, East Malling Enterprise Centre, New Road, East Malling, Kent ME19 6BJ UK e: info@evaluation-international.com t: +44 (0) 1732 897451 f: +44 (0) 1732 897453