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Chairman's Statement

(For the year ended 31 March 2015)

Members’ Benefits
Evaluation International (EI) has continued to provide members with significant benefits including reports on evaluations and surveys that enable economic selection, purchasing and maintenance decisions for instrumentation to be made. In addition, members have been able to exchange views and technical information at Technical Panel Meetings, receive regular newsletters and make use of the EI Website. The members’ section of the website contains a searchable database of over 1,500 reports produced by EI and its sister organisations, WIB and EXERA. Further benefits of membership this year were the focussed presentations and the technical tours received by members at EDF Energy and Endress & Hauser.

Turnover for the year was £196,416 compared with £198,335 for 2013-14. The amount allocated to project work was £158,818 compared with £204,170 in 2013-14 which had been an exceptional year when around £40,000 had been carried over from the previous year. All member requirements for the year were met and EI generated a small surplus of £1,258 in line with its policy of seeking to break even on a year to year basis while maintaining sufficient reserve funds to operate from a secure base. Total administrative costs increased to £36,277 compared with £34,058 in 2013-14.

Reports Produced in 2014-15

From its 2014-15 programme, EI produced 10 reports compared with 16 in the previous year. All member requests were met and these included significant and costly evaluations of an Emerson Coriolis Meter, Swinton Condition Flow Meter software, Tiger Optics Gas Analyser, Aurora Hygrometer, Thermocouple Wire and a Yokogawa Wireless Adapter. In addition, EI published surveys of Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flowmeters and Measurement of Hydrogen in Aggressive Atmospheres and a High Pressure study which deals with the problems of evaluating flowmeters working at very high pressures.

At the beginning of the 2015-16 financial year, EI is already committed to evaluate Guided Wave Radar (GWR) Level Instrumentation, Yokogawa Wireless Connectivity, a Gas Secure Wireless Detector, a VEGA Vegaflex GWR instrument and a Flexim Ultrasonic Flowmeter.

In addition to the 10 reports produced in the year by EI, members have also received 2 reports published by WIB and 11 reports by EXERA (10 in French and one in Italian) making a total of 23 reports as a principal benefit of membership. The EXERA evaluation programme was translated into English for the benefit of EI members and one French language EXERA report was translated in full into English.

Exchange of Technical Information

The autumn 2014 Technical Panel Meeting was hosted by EDF Energy in Gloucester. The spring 2015 meeting was held at the Endress & Hauser site in Manchester and both included a laboratory tour and presentation. The autumn 2015 meeting will be hosted by Flexim at its Cheshire site.

Liaison between EI, WIB and EXERA (EWE) and also with NAMUR

EI continues to work closely with its sister organisations, WIB in the Netherlands and EXERA in France to ensure that instrument evaluation programmes are complementary and that no duplication of work occurs.

EI was represented at a meeting in Brussels called by the German process industry technology association, NAMUR. Other organisations represented included EEMUA, WIB and EXERA. A further meeting has been arranged in September 2015 and is likely to be preceded by a three-way meeting between EI, WIB and EXERA.

Membership and Administration

There were no changes in EI membership during the year. EI currently has 19 members including a consortium of Swedish companies whose membership is organised by SIP – the Swedish Standardiserad Instrumentprovning organisation. At the time of writing, we are in discussion with two nuclear industry organisations about EI membership and two large Water PLCs have also expressed interest in membership.

In concluding I would like to thank the staff of Abacus Communications who have very effectively managed the day to day operations of EI. Your Directors have remained in strategic control and have held five Board meetings during the year, in conjunction with detailed management meetings with Abacus. Finally I would also like to thank my fellow directors and our new company secretary for their continuing commitment and support. .

C D Barr
June 2014.

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